Hi! I'm Shaunté!

My name is Shaunté Nance-Johnson, the Co-founder of Inner Enso, and I was born with a gift!


That gift was the ability to love, inspire, uplift, and help all people, and especially womxn, evolve and manifest their desires. I decided to stop wasting time and take a leap of faith to create and pursue the Inner Enso brand full-time because I believe that everyone possesses superpowers that need to be proclaimed. But, in order for these powers to manifest, WE all need a safe space to be transparent, dissect our pain, maneuver without judgment, and strengthen those powers amongst others. 


Thus, Inner Enso was born.

Above all else, my desire is to inspire healing and empowerment for anyone brave enough to pursue it. Not sure if you want to take the deep dive? Contact me and I'll help you get started. You deserve all that life has to offer!