Individuals and Groups

Ready to finally be free?

Inner Enso offers one-on-one and group alignment coaching which helps individuals define their current goals and long-term vision, identify their unique strengths and explore what steps they will have to take to get the results they desire. We help people create intentional shifts with their habits, mindset, and self-image.

All it takes is one yes, and you'll be on your path to growth, progress, and liberation. Find your area of focus from our Alignment Curriculum library, and get started with our dedicated life coach, Shaunté, who will help you uncover your true potential.

Curriculum designed to heal and grow.

We've developed Alignment Curriculum that will support personal reflection and growth for everyone. Our curriculum catalog includes:

Pillars, Walls, and Mirrors

A philosophy that pinpoints how to support loved ones, and how you can ask for the same in return.

Who I Am: Mind, Body, and Spirit

Dive deeper into who you are and what areas you need to change in order to truly thrive.

How to Simplify Your Being

Simplify your life by creating your 10 ways of being.

Three Ring Tribal Behavior

Learn to grow a tribe of support and to protect your energy.

How to Strengthen Your Boundaries

Protect your peace and create strong boundaries by dismantling habit.

4 Quadrants of Change

Look closer at how to change a negative into a positive with 4 steps.  

Actions of Change

How to accomplish your goals through discipline.

3, 3, 3: The Holy Trinity of Strength

Identify your 3 pillars of strength, and sharpen your areas of growth.

A^3: Awareness, Acceptance, Action

Deconstruct the thoughts of uncertainty, and move toward what is your new posture of excellence.

Pain to Purpose, Purpose to Pain

Learn to leverage your pain to find your purpose, and use your purpose to fulfill your plan of success.

Give, Grow, and Sow

Develop the heart of a servant leader.

The Victory Challenge: Clues to Cure The Blues

Reverse your blues by using your life's victories that you might not have known.

Dismantling the Myth

Dismantle the myth of deficiency and brokenness.

You Are the Gift

The secret to you being you … unapologetically.

R^3: Re-start, Re-assess, Rejuvenate

Not every day will go your way, but through R^3 you can learn how to start over, and get to where you need quicker and faster.


Learn how your life's past will help you create your future.

The Power of Intentionality

No more guessing how life will be, we will create it through the power of intentionality.


"We can't become what we need to be by remaining what we are."